Tan Phu Vietnam is honored to be in “top 100 of Asean Brands Award 2022”

In April, 2022, Tan Phu Vietnam is honored to be in the Top 100 of 2022 ASEAN BRANDS AWARD. This is an annual one jointly organized by the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), Research Center for Asian Business Development and Dat Viet Communication and Consulting Joint Stock Company to honor Vietnamese brands in the Asia – Pacific region that have made positive contributions to the development of the Vietnamese economy.

Being in the Top 100 in 2022, Inochi is proud to affirm its quality products and services, and a reputable brand in the Vietnamese consumer goods market. The award is not only the efforts of Inochi and Tan Phu Vietnam but also the support and appreciation of consumers and partners.

With the goal of bringing good values to domestic and foreign consumers, Tan Phu Vietnam and Inochi will focus on developing products and applying scientific and technical technologies to the manufacturing. At the same time, we will actively adapt and strengthen international cooperation to build a sustainable brand, affirming its position in the ASEAN market.