Tan Phu Vietnam is proud to be in “Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam 2022”

Entering 2022, the Vietnamese economy in general and the Vietnamese business community in particular are gaining momentum and showing signs of prosperity in the “new normal” period. Tan Phu Vietnam is also not out of the effort to enroll in this year’s honorary award.

It is known that this is the 12th consecutive year that Vietnam Report and VietnamNet Newspaper have announced the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam. The ranking recognizes typical enterprises and rising stars of Vietnam with positive contributions to the economy and opens up many opportunities for cooperation and attracting foreign investment. Tan Phu Vietnam – the founder of the high-end household brand Inochi has strongly risen and is proud to be on the list of FAST500. This is a recognition for outstanding achievements and also a motivation for Tan Phu Vietnam and Inochi to achieve more breakthroughs and development in the future.

Accompanying the growth of Tan Phu Vietnam, it is indispensable for the trust and support of customers. Tan Phu Vietnam sincerely thanks consumers and commits to bring the best quality products and services